Thursday, November 18, 2004

November 18, 2004

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Blue Wisp
Cincinatti, Ohio

Set One

Alone Together
Nibbles the Squirrel
Davey's Purple Power Line(ftp)
Brian "Solo Piano Love"
Slow Breath, Silent Mind
Earl Heinz(Hines?)(ftp)
Lola and Alice

Set Two

Tomorrow Will Know Today
Halliburton Breakdown
In Your Own Sweet Way
Reed Intro>
Vernal Equinox
Jason Solo
Central Park West
Broadway Blues
Post Show
"Sexual Chocolate" and Brian Haas

My Funny Valentine

Note:After the takedown and most of the place had cleared out a woman started talking with someone and ended up saying she wanted to sing a few songs and needed a pianist. Lo and behold, B.Haas was in the house. They did 3 songs duet style. Heres the setlist for Brian and "Sexual Chocolate".

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