Thursday, August 19, 2004

August 19, 2004

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Hot House
Chicago, Illinois

set 1
slow breath silent mind
walking with giants
calm before the storm
some of that could be wrong and maybe there was one other song at the
end of the set, like I said two day old memory. highlights were
pacific, reed's effects blew me away on that one, and smart had a
drum solo on calm before the storm that was one of the best I have
ever seen, rarely does a drum solo really move me, but everything
worked for me on this one.

set II, i'm alot fuzzier on this one, as the night wore on. I won't
even try but I know I heard skeeballs and vernal equinox, reed once
again took me to that special place on his equinox solo. Good show,
wish a few more people had been there, but they still managed to
bring it. picked up the new album at the show, listened to it on the plane
home, haas realy shines on it, great version of son of jah, need to
hear it a few more times before I can really say anything, but
definetely worth picking up

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